HealthStreet June Newsletter

Volume 5, Issue 4, 2018

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Where, in town, should HealthStreet community health workers go?

Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) connect with community members to assess their health needs and concerns and link them with services and opportunities to participate in health research studies.

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OCOH Audience and panel

In Case You Missed It: OCOH, Opioid Addiction "Controversies Surrounding Treatment"

UF HealthStreet hosted the 17th national Our Community, Our Health (OCOH) town hall, the second in our series covering the opioid crisis, on May 21, 2018.

This event featured a panel of health care professionals who discussed different aspects of the current opioid crisis and ways medically assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction can improve health outcomes and reduce overdoses. View the …


Brianna Aldridge

Recognizing the Service of HealthStreet’s Brianna Aldridge

Brianna Aldridge joined HealthStreet in June 2013. Since then she has become one of the most recognizable faces on our team.

Whether at an event around town or at the HealthStreet offices, chances are you’ve seen or talked to Brianna (and maybe had your blood pressure checked by her). …


June 27th national H.I.V. testing day. fast free and confidential. get tested today

National HIV Testing Day: June 27, 2018

Over 36.7 million people are living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) worldwide, with 1.1 million located in the United States.

Of those in the U.S. who are infected with HIV, 1 in 7 people show no symptoms and are unaware that they are infected with the virus.

HIV weakens the immune system and makes people more susceptible to infections, cancers, …READ MORE »


Cooking Classes with Tasty Takeaways!

Learn how to cook and shop on a budget. UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program is providing a six-week cooking course to learn how to make low-cost, healthy, easy and tasty meals.

Groceries will also be provided to individuals who participate… READ MORE »


HealthStreet's Summer Safety Tips

1.) SHIELD YOURSELF: UVA and UVB rays can permanently damage eyes and cause cataracts, and can damage the skin causing premature skin aging and skin cancers. Wear UV 400 sunglasses to protect your eyes and full-spectrum suncreen to protect your skin.

2.) SAY YES TO HATS: Wearing a brimmed hat is better than wearing …READ MORE »


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Every month, HealthStreet hosts a variety of services, Community Health Worker outreach efforts, classes, support groups and events that aim to better the community's health! 

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Interested in participating in research?

UF researchers conduct many different kinds of research studies, including clinical trials. Some studies focus on certain health conditions, but others need healthy volunteers.

Here are a few of the other studies we are currently recruiting for:

  1. A study to understand the social circle of adopted adolescents and parents.
  2. A study to learn more about the causes and brain changes seen in hoarding disorders.

To hear more about these and other studies, please call HealthStreet at 352-294-4880.


HealthStreet’s Cancer Research Engagement Program provides numerous opportunities for community members to participate in health research at the University of Florida. 

These are a few of the studies we are currently recruiting for:

  1. A study that examines how well aspirin works in preventing recurrence of breast cancer in patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) who have undergone chemotherapy, surgery, and/or radiation therapy.
  2. A study that compares the effects of different weight-loss strategies on women diagnosed with HER-2 negative, stage II and III breast cancer who fall within the overweight and obese range (BMI 27 kg/m2 - ≥30kg/m2).

If you are interested in hearing more about these and other studies, please contact Cheri Knecht at 352-294-4882.

Visit our Cancer Research Engagement Program web page HERE  for health education and medical and social resources devoted to cancer.


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Pictured Participants in the Healthify-Me Focus Group.

Resources for Researchers

UF HealthStreet's Community Health Workers (CHWs) conduct community outreach every day in order to recruit new HealthStreet members and link them to University of Florida research studies. We regularly check our member database (10,200+ and growing) for members who may be eligible to participate in studies.

Learn how HealthStreet can help your study


About HealthStreet

HealthStreet is a community engagement program that connects community members to medical and social services and opportunities to participate in health research at the University of Florida.  By completing a health assessment with one of our Community Health Workers, we can provide you many low or no-cost services, including eye exams, mental health counseling, dance classes, cooking classes, health support groups, a clothing closet and a toiletry pantry. Your voice is important, and you can be heard by becoming a HealthStreet member. 

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