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Volume 6, Issue 2, 2019

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OCOH: Our Community, Our Health; Gut Health & the microbiome; March 28, 2019, 2401 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, FL, 6-7 p.m. EST

SAVE THE DATE: March 28, 2019 – OCOH Town Hall on Gut Health

On Thursday, March 28th, UF HealthStreet will be hosting an Our Community, Our Health (OCOH) national town hall focusing on the connection between immune health, metabolism, and the microbes in our gut...READ MORE »


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Every month, HealthStreet hosts a variety of services, Community Health Worker outreach efforts, classes, support groups, and events that aim to better the community's health! 

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nsights from: OCOH - Our Community, Our Health; Healthy Aging: Lifestyle-based Interventions; IT TAKES 7 MINUTES A DAY: Research shows it takes as little as 7 minutes a day of exercise to prevent disability.

In Case You Missed It: Our Community, Our Health - Healthy Aging: Lifestyle-Based Interventions

On Jan 27th, 2019, UF HealthStreet hosted a town hall meeting on healthy aging and the kinds of evidence-based lifestyle interventions that support and enhance the aging process…READ MORE »


Did you know?

HealthStreet provides support groups and other resources for people diagnosed with cancer, including opportunities to participate in health research.

Our survivor cohort has over 900 community members. If you're interested in joining, call us at (352) 294-4880. 


Interested in participating in research?

UF researchers conduct many different kinds of research studies, including clinical trials. Some studies focus on enrolling volunteers with certain health conditions, but others need healthy volunteers to enroll.

HealthStreet is currently navigating people to many of these studies, some of which can be completed in minutes. 

Here are a few studies that you can participate in now:

  1. A study for men 41- to 51-years-old, with a bachelor's degree or higher, to test basic cognitive and motor functions for comparison against NASA astronaut data, 
  2. A focus group for people 25- to 44-years-old who have used cocaine with marijuana and/or alcohol in the last 30 days, and
  3. A focus group for adolescents with a BMI of <24 to provide feedback on thoughts about barriers to weight loss. Parents will participate in a separate focus group.

HealthStreet’s Cancer Research Engagement Program also provides numerous opportunities for community members to participate in health research at the University of Florida. 

Here is one of the studies we are currently recruiting for:

  1. A study that examines if the study drug, Niraparib, works against advanced stage neoplastic cancers.

Visit our Cancer Research Engagement Program web page for health education and medical and social resources devoted to cancer.

If you are interested in hearing more about these and other studies, please contact HealthStreet at 352-294-4880.


Learn how HealthStreet can help your study:


About HealthStreet

HealthStreet is a community engagement program that connects community members to medical and social services and opportunities to participate in health research at the University of Florida.  By completing a health assessment with one of our Community Health Workers, we can provide you with information about low or no-cost services, including eye exams, mental health counseling, dance classes, cooking classes, health support groups, and a clothing closet and toiletry pantry. Your voice is important, and you can be heard by becoming a HealthStreet member. 

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